Snuffle Mats

12"x 12" fleece puzzle toy

What is a Snuffle Mat? 
A Snuffle Mat is a handmade 12"x 12" fleece puzzle toy that allows your dog to sniff and search for hidden treats. It provides excellent mental and physical enrichment. HAWS uses them in shelter!

How to Use a Snuffle Mat
Take a handful of treats and sprinkle throughout the mat. Initially, make it easier for your dogs by placing the treat on top of the mat. Gradually, as your dog becomes comfortable with the toy, make it more difficult by hiding the treats deeper into the fleece folds.

Cleaning Your Snuffle Mat 
Shake out the mat really well and comb your fingers through it to get any treat bits your dog may have missed.  Machine wash in cold water with sheets, towels or blankets. Tumble dry on LOW heat or let air dry. 

**Colors & patterns can be picked out at time of pickup.  If shipping, we will select a color that matches your drop down choice.