Dog Training Classes


Dog Training Classes and Offerings

HAWS has a full range of classes geared toward using positive reinforcement to train your dog!

If you have any questions, refer to the FAQ's at the bottom of this page before contacting [email protected] with any questions.

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Puppy Offerings

Classes and offerings for puppies 8-20 weeks old.


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Beginner Manners

Manners classes for beginners. For dogs over 20 weeks old.


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Advanced Manners

Classes for dogs that have completed both Basic Manners 1 and 2 or an equivalent.


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Specialty Classes

Classes for dogs 6 moths and older.


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Agility Offerings

Agility classes for dogs at least 10 months old and agility rentals times.


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Virtual Classes

Virtual offerings for you to do at home at your own pups pace!



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Training Class FAQ's 

Yes, our classes are open to all dogs that are suitable for group classes. 

In every class that we offer we use positive reinforcement. We do not use or allow bark collars, shock collars, or any techniques that utilize fear  in orr to train your dog.

Here at HAWS, we prefer the use of front clip harnesses. These harnesses are great for dogs that like to pull while on leash. These harnesses also have a back clip for smaller dogs that do not pull as much. If you have a current harness that is fine to use . If you have any questions about the harnesses, please email [email protected]. 

Harness coupons are a one-time open/use product. If you have opened it once before but did not print it off, please email [email protected] so that they can make a note that you have already ordered a harness. 

Classes vary in price from $125-$250. We offer basic classes but also specialty classes that will be a little more expensive. Classes typically range from 6-8 weeks. Some sessions will have a skip day where there is no class or may be cancelled due to weather which will elongate the duration of the class. 

HAWS allows up to 2 people in a class with their dog. 

HAWS will allow children 9 years and up. If you have younger kids, they need to be able to occupy themselves during class without being distracting or they need to participate in the training of the dog. 

Please notify [email protected] that you will miss a class. It is then your responsibility to follow along in the curriculum for the class that you missed. We do not offer makeup classes. 

All curriculums are sent right away at the time of purchase. Please look back in your email to find that curriculum. If it is not in your inbox, junk, or trash please email [email protected] to receive the curriculum. 

We are always working to offer the greatest variety of classes that we can. Some of our classes aren't offered as often as others due to the special nature of the class. If you are looking for more information on all of our classes you can reach out to [email protected] to get more information.