Honor or remember a loved one (person or pet) with a donation to HAWS.
You have the option to send a HAWS card or email to notify someone of the gift. 


(In honor of person, in honor of pet, in memory of person OR in memory of pet).

Below are tribute options that are accompanied with a
permanent recgonition of your gift and include personalized messaging. 

Tribute Tile 

Our tribute tiles are mounted predominately throughout the shelter’s main entrance and lobby.   The 12” x 12” square is our largest option.  They included up to 6 lines of large text. 

Please enter your tile text below. Max 20 characters per line. Periods, commas and dashes are accepted

Paver Bricks

Our paver bricks line the path leading to the shelter’s entrance door offering a beautiful welcome to visitors.  They come in two sizes: 4” x 8” or 8” x 8” with 3 or 4 lines of text respectively. 

Please enter your brick text below. Max 13 characters per line. Periods, commas and dashes are accepted.

Memorial Plaques 

Our plaques are displayed on our memorial wall in the in-take desk next to the main lobby.  The plaques are 2.5” x 4” with 15 words or less recommended.

Please enter your plaque text below. Max 15 words. Periods, commas and dashes are accepted.

Fence Picket 

Our pickets are installed onto an existing section of the dog dock fence. They feature text written vertically on the picket. 1-2 lines with 18 characters max per line. 

Pond Fencing Picket

Pond Fencing Picket

Sponsor a section of our pond fencing-viewed by those enjoying the dog dock, fire pit area and dog park.